02 October 2010

15 Cool websites to try when you are bored

Internet is full of websites of every category. A-Z you name it and there will be a website. The choice  of people varies. So does the category of the website that people prefer. Its really hard to find out the choice of website from the million of the list. Even though the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing make it possible to search your desired things. Even though its really hard to find the website that helps to kill your boredom.

Ya there are few choice like Facebook , Youtube   But sometimes when we are really bored we will not be having anything to do over the internet.  As my personnel experience some times even facebook,youtube seems unable to kill my boredom.  So for people like me I have made a list of few website that is really going to kill the boredom and help you out to pass your time.Below are the list:

1. Whathappenedinmybirthyear

Do you know how the world was when you are in this earth? might wondering Whathappenedinmybirthyear is the website that described about the scenario when you were born.  There is nothing expect homepage in the site and when you enter your birthday the website start reversing from current day to your birthday. The color of screen will gradually decrease and fade in When it comes to your birthday it start showing the information how the world was when you were born

2 .Howsecureismypassword

how secure is my password
This website is for those who are scare about the hacking of their password. There are several reason for it. so what do you think how strong is your password and how long will it take for a computer to crack your password. give a try. When you enter your password it will show the amount of time that a person or any software need to crack your password.

try even passwordmeter

3. Spypig

If you are worried about your email being read by someone or not . This might be one of the great website to know. Now you don’t have to worry whether your email is read by someone or not. You might wonder how it works. When you provide the detail information on spypig it will send your notification email when someone reads your email.


funny logo
Thinking about creating or copying the logo of popular website like google yahoo. This might be the great site for you. Funnylogo helps you to create the logo of popular website like google, yahoo and helps to create own search engine with the logo that you have created. Funnylogo supports 10 cool logo.

5. Filestube

files tube
I would simply describe it as search anything download anything. You may have heard of rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, hotfile, netload ets. you just have to enter the keyword and select the format of file( or you can jsut select All ) and hit the search button. Filetube will search in all the sharing and uploading files and display the ressult to you.

6. Scroll-text


You may have seen red letters moving around the building,bus and movie theatre. This website allows you to create your own scrolling letters. You can either download your sign or host in image sack.



You write any article ,get published over the internet but what if your content or your is copied by some one else. All what you have to do is copy and paste the link of the sites you wish to check if nay one has copied.This might be userful stuff for blogger as well as webmaster who are worried about the content copy of their website.

8. Filehippo

file hippo

File hippo is a internet download website where you can download variety of  freeware and shareware sotware. File hippo doesnt not accept used uploaded file. It also offer update checker whcih scan through your pc and offers  different software from its own catalog.In file hippo you can choose where to display beta version and shareware or not

see also:-ninitepack.google ,allmyapps

9. Tempalias


Worried about privacy,worried about the spam. There are situation when you really dont want to disclose your email address. If your situation is similar then i would suggest you tempalias. It simply create temporary email address which will forward all your email to your desired inbox.The best part is you can literally decide the life time of the temporary email address in terms of number of message or day. Also try:-mailinator

10. Trasir


When you log in to internet do you know how much of your personal information is shared. It shows you your current IP Address,Host Name,City & Region,Country,Coordinates,Remote Time,Local Browser,Local OS,Display ,Language and even location in google map. Dont believe me? Give a try.s

11. Seethestats


You  may know about Google Analytics. This sites help you to make your google statics visible to everone. Did i sound absurd? But if you are thing of  selling advertising space in your sites or blog showing your statics  and  your customer may be helpful or better say a professional way to answer your desperate customer.And the best part is its FREE.

12. Fmylife


A blog where you can read the unfortunate things that happened to people and can vote as “you totally deserved it” or” i agree your life suck”. User submit short stories which is really make you laugh your ass off. :)

13. Flixster


A perfect sites for movie maniac. Discover new movies,share movies rating and meet people from around the world who shares similar interest.Founded in 2007 today by its is a parent of Rotten Tomatoes even try: moviemi stakes

14. File-swap


With a slogan of “Give one get one free”,its really a fun website to be where you upload a file from your computer and swap and get another file in return. All you have to do is swap and wait for your return. good luck.

15. Ascii poster

ascii poster

Ever wanted to  have a poster that look different unusual from near and look like a sensible image from a distance. Asciiposter.com is the best destination for you. All you have to do is upload a picture, select the size of the poster and click on make a poster button. And with the three easy steps you will the link to download the pdf file with ascii code.


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